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Awarded Designer Design Director Stage Designer Think Tank Creative Director I did it!

My Services

Stage Design

200+ Stage Design and Production in very squize time pressure. But happy clients and on time skills with good contractors.

Projection Mapping

It makes it possible to work on projects in completely different fields such as the dance of big pixels where technology meets art and 3D mapping, holographic performances and lighting shows in buildings.

Video Producing

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Rapidly explore and refine creative ideas for innovative, differentiated products. Create design sketches as well as 3D models to visually communicate industrial design intent. Accurately capture and communicate designs with others for input and collaboration.

Presentation Design

Good presentation design requires a good presenter. And also good presentation needs Good Graphic designer. Many years of experience on playground. Keynote or Powerpoint is only sketchbook.


Awarded Campaigns in 15 years of with Multi-National brands, VOLVO, CASTROL, IBM, QUIKSILVER, Product Launches, RoadShow Campaings...

About KE

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Everything included / everything you need! Do not hesitate to discuss with me! We can do brain storming for any kind of design.

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Kerem ERSU
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+1 949 402 9901
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Phone Turkey :
+90 530 280 2199

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My Skills

Every Day is a New Challenge

If I'm loyal! My Clients (Friends) are loyal. Be flexible and be punctual, don't be afraid to say NO! Produce Confidence with Productive Discussion, Excellent Communication and Transparency. Get to know your customers. Collect as much information as possible about your customers, understand the needs of your customers, meet the needs of your customers.

Do not meet expectations, read a lot about their topics, read a lot, read a lot ... and always be creative.

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